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Who are you folks? You must be aliens from a superior root race because no one sells a product so easy to use, with the clearest directions and parts labeled accordingly. You have to be a more evolved species! I am astounded and overwhelmed with joy. I just bought your single auger juicer and after struggling with the Green Machine for five years, I am thrilled enough to promote your product to everyone. Trust me, I am a walking infomercial! In fact, I'm buying one for my daughter for her birthday. She has the Green Machine as well. Everytime I use that machine, I wilt, swear or shake my head in disgust at how much work it is to clean and construct. You have won me over for life. I adore you. Thank you with all my heart for having consideration to people like me who aren't mechanically inclined (my son calls me mechanically declined!), Blessings, Soorya"

Washoe Valley, NV


"I've been researching juicers for the last 3 weeks. I narrowed my choices to 3 models, Champion, Greenstar and Green Power. One of my first challenges was to find a retailer here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Naloni returned my email quickly and supplied me with a contact here in Toronto. I responded by asking Naloni to help me understand why the Green Power juicers were better than the others I was considering. Naloni quickly provided me with a comprehensive list of advantages. Next I wanted help understanding the differences between the singe augur and twin gear, again Naloni was quick, honest and helpful. Naloni also took a moment to send me some recipes and expressed interest in hearing my feedback after purchasing and using the juicer.

"As a Senior Manager in a large technology solutions company I recognize the value of great customer service. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that Naloni has delighted me as a customer and made it easy to choose your product."

Toronto, Canada


"I own 2 Norwalks, a Champion, a Juiceman, an Omega, a Greenpower, a Hippocrates, and a Samson juicer. Just wanted to let you know that I like the Samson the best of all and use it the most because it is by far the easiest to use and clean and it is fun to use. I recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a juicer as it is the only machine that people will use and use often. Thanks for a great machine. I love the Samson juicer!"

Osage, Iowa


"Juicing is so important and vital for the body, especially people who have illnesses, although I certainly do it for my clients who are just coming in for good nutrition. There are very few juicers that will also do wheatgrass juice, which is so important, especially for one who is ill and for people who want to stay healthy. The Green Power do the wheatgrass and you don't need a separate juicer. I highly recommend it to all of my clients, we've had a lot of good feedback and people are getting much better."

Dr. Donna Miller, Ph.D., Certified Natural Health Professional
Authorized Dealer for the Green Power Juicers
North Hollywood, CA


"I purchased a Green Power Gear Juicer 3 months ago. I am very pleased with this product. It's easy to clean, it's durable, and you get all of your vitamins and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you juice. I recommend this product to any and everyone. My intention is to stay a Green Power member for life."

Norco, CA


Green Power, "more than a juicer, it does it all". Do you have any idea what a pleasure it is to purchase a product that lives up to its claim and then some? We have had our new juicer for less than a week and we are very pleased with its performance. It would be hard for any consumer not to notice that this is an articulately engineered quality product that had one objective in mind when it was in its planning stage. That goal was clearly to manufacture a juicer that would cover the entire spectrum of the demanding Juicer's needs without sacrificing on the quality of the juice; a goal that in my opinion has been achieved. We would also like to thank you for your kind letter of appreciation for purchasing your product. I should not have been surprised; quality people like you usually back quality products.

Juicing is not new to us, nor is a juicer just another gadget in our kitchen. Our total diet revolves around our juicer, so I carefully researched all of the available products that would best suit our lifestyle. We harvest our own wheatgrass so we could not decide on a unit that would just do wheatgrass or one that would do everything. I was a little skeptical at first, but gravitated to the Green Power KPE-1304 because of the positive reviews and the many happy customers that have purchased your products. The advantages of the Green Power KPE-1304 over conventional centrifugal juicers in producing quality juice are too numerous to mention, but for sure, the Green Power does it all.

Grateful are we,
Ronald and Terri
Los Angeles, CA



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