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WHEATGRASS WISDOM: Your Samson Brand Juicer is excellent for juicing wheatgrass! We recommend setting your juicing nozzle on number 3 before you start juicing. Only use fresh wheatgrass, preferably four inches in length. You may choose to spray it with water, and it should be about a thumbs thickness. As soon as the auger starts pulling it in, then you may add more. It’s important not to put the pulp back through the juicer. This can cause serious damage to your machine. You may break apart the pulp and mix some in with fresh wheatgrass and put that through the juicer.

FROZEN FULFILLMENT: There are three very important steps to take when using your Samson Brand Juicer to make sorbets or other frozen treats. First, make sure that there is no juicing or mincing nozzle attached. Secondly, remove the juicing screen and use the mincing cone instead. Thirdly, allow the fruit to soften slightly before running it through the unit. Enjoy!

WINNING WITH YOUR WARRANTY: Please remember to fill out the warranty information in the back of your Samson Brand Juicer manual that comes with your new juicer. Just fill out the card and mail it in to Samson Juicers, 95 Golden Hill Road, Danbury, CT 06811. This way you will be protected if something should happen to your juicer or you need replacement parts. The only cost you will be responsible for, if you are still under warranty, is a small shipping and handling cost.

REPEAT RETAILING: At Samson Brands we truly appreciate doing business with you, and look forward to your continued support. Please visit us online at for all your Samson Brand Juicer needs, as well as replacement parts. You may also enjoy As always, we are available by phone at 888-992-7333 from 9am – 5pm Eastern Time.

AN ICY TIP  To make cleaning the Juicing Screen even easier, remove the from the nozzle, drum cap, and try placing crushed or small ice cubes through the feeding chute while the juicer is still running. The hard pieces of ice will push any excess through the screen, making it even easier for you to clean out!  Be sure not to use either the Juicing Nozzle or Mincing Nozzle on the Drum Cap while doing this or anything else that is of a very hard consistency.


  Cleaning Parts:

Most of the parts for the GB9001 and KPE-1304 can but put in the dishwasher for cleaning. They MUST be put on the top shelf and not near the drying coil, otherwise they will warp. It is best to put the parts through the wash cycle, skipping the dry cycle.

Over time, juicer parts tend to stain. There are 2 home grown remedies that people have shared that reduce staining.

  1. Soak non-electric parts in a 50 / 50 percent white vinegar and water solution and let them sit overnight.
  2. Apply a paste made of Baking Soda and Water to the stained parts and let them sit overnight.

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