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General Information -

Where are Samson Brands products made?
The Samson Single Gear and Green Power Twin Gear Juicers are made in Korea
The Samson Washer is made in Korea

How big is the chute opening on the Samson 6-1, Samson Advanced and Green Power juicers?
Both Green Power and Samson Juicers have a chute opening of 1.5" in diameter.
Are parts Green Power and Samson Juicers dishwasher safe?
No, the parts for the Green Power Gear Juicers are not dishwasher safe. You can pass the parts through the wash cycle, but the drying cycle may warp some parts

Why is a slow Juicing Speed (R.P.M) important?
A low RPM speed helps minimize oxidation*. The less oxidation, the more nutritional value I is retained in the juice. Samson Brands products incorporate some of the best juicing speeds in the industry. Juicers with an RPM speed of less than 200 RPM is generally considered "slow-speed”
Samson GB-9001 - 80 R.P.M.
Samson Advanced GB9003, 9004, 9005, 9006 - 80 R.P.M.
KPE-1304 - 160 R.P.M.
Wheateena Commercial Juicers – typically 100 R.P.M or less
*A fully oxidized drink, such as apple juice or carrot juice will be brown in color.

What is the purpose of the reverse function?
Sometimes the machine may get clogged. If this happens, you should switch the machine to "stop", then "reverse", "stop" again, then back to "on".

Will the Samson or Green Power Juicers grind wheat?
These juicers are not designed to produce flour from dry wheat. You can, however, grind wheat that has been soaked for at least 8 hours.

Can I make nut butters with the Samson or Green Power Juicers?
You can make nut butters with almonds and peanuts. The Juicers have not been tested with other forms of nuts. For best results, use raw nuts, not roasted and soak the nuts overnight.

Can I make nut butters from seeds with the Samson or Green Power Juicers?
These juicers were not designed to make butter from seeds, only nuts.

What is the function of the Samson 6-1 and Samson Advanced oil extractor option?
The Oil Extractor attachment allows you to cold press oil from flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds..

Must I cut the vegetables into fine pieces.?
It is recommended that the vegetables are cut so they fit down the chute easily. If vegetables can reach the auger easily, they do not need to be cut. Carrots, for example, are best juiced if you halve them on the long side. Feed them into the chute and allow the auger to pull in the pieces

Are Samson and Green Power Juicers centrifugal or masticating?
Neither. The difference is:
Centrifugal uses a shredder disk/grater that spins at 3600 RPM or faster and is usually very loud.
Masticating chews pulp to further break down the cell-wall structure. It then mechanically squeezes. It uses a slow turning powerful motor that requires physical strength to use. (Champion)
Gear Juicers employ slowly rotating gears that crush produce into the walls (screen), which then extract juice. It is at low R.P.M and very quiet.

What is the advantage of Slow-Gear Juicers?
Centrifugal machines do not effectively juice most leafy vegetables, such as wheatgrass. Single auger and Twin Gear Juicers are very effective at juicing leafy vegetables as well as many other types of fruits and vegetables. .
The Centrifugal juicers are relatively noisy and slow gear juicers tend to be quieter.
Because of high RPM rates, centrifugal juicers destroy many nutrients including vitamins. Slow Gear Juicers preserve the nutrients because of the low RPM.
Slow Gear Juicers contain less entrapped air then centrifugal juicers producing juice with a longer shelf life..

What is the difference between the Samson 6-1, Samson Advanced and the KPE-1304?
The KPE-1304 uses closely aligned twin gears to process juice while the Samson employs a single auger to process juice..
Both the Samson Single Gear and Green Power Twin Gear juicers are effective and efficient at juicing most leafy greens, vegetables and fruits.
The KPE-1304 is highly efficient in extracting fruits, carrots, beets and celery.
The KPE-1304 has a 3-Way Bio Ceramic Magnetic System in the Twin Gears and in the juice bowl that helps preserve essential enzymes, nutrients and flavor for up to 72 hours.
The Samson 6-1 and Samson Advanced juicers are highly efficient with wheatgrass and leafy greens.

What is the difference between Juicing and using a Blender?
Juicers separate the pulp from the juice placing each in a separate container. The pulp can not be mechanically separated when using a blender. When the pulp is blended with the juice, it may contain harmful agro-chemical residues.
Blenders are not made to process most leafy vegetables properly. Single Gear and Twin Gear Juicers are excellent with leafy vegetables.
The Samson and Green Power Juicers have a low RPM* in order to maintain the preserve enzymes, nutrients, and flavor. Blenders work at high speeds, producing heat that destroys enzymes, nutrients, and flavor.

How can I get the most juice from wheatgrass?
It is best to use wheatgrass when it is 5"- 7" in length. When shorter it will not yield a substantial amount of juice and is not mature enough for juicing. If longer, it is too old and may loose water content and/or nutrients. Always wash the wheatgrass before juicing or clean it using the Samson Washer. Feed the wheatgrass into your juicer allowing the augur to pull it into the juicing chamber.

How can I reduce foam when juicing wheatgrass?
Submerge wheatgrass in cold water before juicing. Using carrot, celery or other vegetables through the machine after juicing wheatgrass. Also, spraying a mist of cold water on top of the foam helps it to settle down. For the Twin Gear, try adding a few drops of flax oil into the gears before juicing wheatgrass.

What are the benefits of Pressing Pulp?
A juice press extracts juice containing high levels of nutrients from fruit and vegetables by pressing (squeezing) pulp. The nutrients and juice are forced out of the pulp fibers when pressed using 2 tons of pressure. The pressure exerted by this pressing method is thought to release extra nutrients and enzymes that would otherwise 'adhere' to the pulp and left behind by juicing machines.

Samson 6-1 or Samson Advanced -

What are the Samson Single Gear Juicers made of?
The bodies of these juicers are made of high-grade plastic
The augur of the Samson GB9001 Multipurpose Juicer is made of FDA-approved polycarbonate and melamine, which are semi-permanent and extremely hygienic. The juicing screen is made of the same material with a stainless steel strainer.
The augur of the Samson Advanced Juicer is made of FDA approved GE Ultem™ is used for the augur and screens making them 8 times stronger than traditional juicer parts. The juicing screen is made of the same material with a stainless steel strainer.

What is the difference Samson GB9001 Scoop Style and TeePee Style parts?
There are 3 parts that must fit together in order to work properly – the drum, the juicing screen and the mincing cone.
If you have a Scoop Style drum, only the Scoop Style juicing screen and Scoop Style mincing cone will fit and work properly.
If you have a TeePee style drum, only the TeePee style juicing screen and TeePee style mincing cone will fit and work properly. The earliest juicers came with TeePee style parts. In 2007 the Scoop Style parts were introduced.

What is the purpose of the nozzle positions on the drum cap of the Samson 6-1 & Samson Advanced juicers?
The Nozzle positions adjust the space between the drum cap and auger. Position 3, creates the tightest space, allows less room for pulp and it comes out drier and more compact. Position 1, creates more space, allowing larger pulp to pass. Leafy greens and wheatgrass work well at the 3 position. Harder items such as beets and carrots work better at Position 2.

Will parts for the Samson Single Gear machines fit the Oscar DA-502 ?
The individual parts are not interchangeable. You can replace the locking clip on the Oscar with one from the Samson. That will allow you to use Samson parts on the front to your Oscar juicer.

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear –

What are the Green Power Twin Gear Juicers made of?
The main body and most parts are made of plastic.
The gears are made from an FDA-approved stainless steel and acetyl resin and have a 3-way Bio Ceramic Magnetic System that helps provide the highest quality juice, which retains its nutrient value for up to 72 hours. The magnets in the Twin Gears work in conjunction with the bio-ceramic particles, producing a magnetic field of 4,200 gauss.

My KPE-1304 seems to be clogging, there is no juice coming out or it is backing up?
There are a couple of reasons this might happen. . 1) Check your Cap (red fruit cap or white vegetable cap) is not tightened too much. If it is all the way tightened it will not allow any pulp to be discharged and the juicer will clog. When preparing your juicer, the Cap should be fully tightened and then backed off one full turn. This must be done before juicing and not in the middle of juicing. 2) Check that you are juicing in the "On" position. If you push it down in the "Reverse" position it will not allow for any juice to come out

Wheateena Juicers –

How do I assemble my Wheateena Workhorse II Juicer?
The following link shows the parts schematic for the Workhorse II

My Wheatena Juicer is clogging, there is no juice coming out or it is backing up?
Generally, this occurs when the juicer is assembled incorrectly. The best way to assemble the machine in preparation for juicing is to assemble the unit completely, fully tightening the Lock Ring and Outlet Screw. The next step is VERY IMPORTANT. Loosen the Lock Ring about ¾ of a turn. The further tighten the Outlet Screw and back it off (loosen) about ¾ of a turn.

Samson Washer –
What is the difference between the Model GBW100 and GBW300?
Both models use Ultrasonic waves to eliminate impurities. Additionally, the GBW300 uses Ozone, activated oxygen, and NanoSilver to clean your food.

Welles Press -
What is the difference between the Peoples Press and The Welles Press
Dr. Welles was the founder of the Peoples Press. Consequently, the press also became known as the Welles Press

Why is there a caution about turning the knob to release the jack?
The knob should only be turned 1 to 1.5 full turns to release the pressure on the jack. If you loosen the knob too much or it comes out the pressure seal will be compromised and the jack will have to be replaced or re-built.

Warranty and Service
My juicer will not turn on. What should I do?
There are a few things to check. 1) Make sure the socket into which you are plugging the machine works. Kitchen sockets have safety devices that are sensitive and turn off easily. 2) The fuse may be defective. Turn the juicer over; on the bottom there will be a black knob, which is the fuse holder. Turn the fuse holder counter-clockwise to release it. Take out the fuse and replace it. With your juicer you will find an extra fuse that should be affixed to the bottom of the machine. Place the fuse in the holder and turn it clockwise while pushing down to lock into the correct position. 3) Call Samson Brands service number.

Samson Brands maintains a full stock of parts for the juicers we distribute. Warranty parts will provided at no cost other than a shipping fee.
us through email ( or toll-free at 888-992-7333. Let us know the model number of your juicer, which part is broken, a short description, and what you were juicing when the part broke. We will replace your part as soon as possible. Proof of purchase required for warranty parts (date and place of purchase).

What if my Samson Brands product needs to be serviced? or toll-free at 888-992-7333. If your product is under warranty, we will service the machine or replace it. Proof of purchase required (date and place of purchase). For non-warranty service, inquire about our service fees.

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